After Exercise Blood Sugar Goes Up

Blood sugar is the amount of glucose content in the blood plasma. Blood sugar levels are used for diagnosis of DM. For the determination of diagnosis, the examination is recommended is the examination of enzymatic ingredients venous blood plasma.

after exercise blood sugar up pict

Effect of physical activity or exercise is directly related to after exercise blood sugar goes up recovery rate (how many muscles take up glucose from the blood stream). When you exercise, muscles use the glucose stored in the muscles and if glucose is reduced, muscle filling the void by taking glucose from the blood. This will result in reduced blood glucose, thus increasing the blood glucose control.

SPORT or physical activity is important for diabetics to control their blood sugar. However, the wrong sport can be a boomerang that would trigger the increase in blood sugar levels. Physical activity is essentially able to burn calories and reduce body fat. That increase cell metabolism ability to absorb and store sugar so that blood sugar levels can be decreased. Also, lowers stress and blood circulation.

After Exercise Blood Sugar High

Then how exercise can improve blood sugar levels? This may happen if you exercise when your blood sugar is high. So always check the condition of your blood sugar before and physical exercise. You need to remember not to exercise when your blood sugar is high. When exercising, the body needs more energy which forces the body to produce energy from deposits in the cell. Both of these energy sources causes after exercise blood sugar goes up so quickly that your blood sugar is not controlled.

If the blood sugar is in control

If the blood sugar is controlled, then avoid errors sport or activity to do on a regular basis. One of the reasons you have to be diligent exercise or workout coz benefits of exercise persist for a maximum period of two days. So, we recommend for you to do it regularly. You can exercise three times a week with a duration each for 30 minutes. That is enough for your body.! So a good sport to do 3-5 times a week for 30 minutes. It could be said that physical exercise it will decrease blood sugar levels in normal conditions. Increased blood sugar can be bad for human health is due to unhealthy foods, alcohol, sugary foods, lack of sleep. However, this is not always true.

Exercises that do fall into several categories, mild, moderate, and high/heavy. Generally, based on several studies that have been done by many scholars have pointed out that, a light workout at least able to raise blood sugar or keep it constant. If you want to do a drastic drop in blood sugar, you can do heavy exercises. Therefore, after exercise blood sugar goes up and you want to move it in huge amount. Consider that you also need to have blood sugar levels in your body normally. Therefore, do any exercise reasonable care to keep blood sugar levels in the normal position and remain physically well trained.