Anaerobic Training Benefits And Types

Anaerobic training stimulates muscle activity in a high intensity thus increasing strength and muscle endurance. Anaerobic exercise makes the body unable to supply enough oxygen to the muscles that are required for the synthesis of energy.

In that condition, the muscle needed of energy will be supplied from the body’s ability to produce energy without oxygen . Because the oxygen delivered to the body cells is iAnaerobic training Benefitsnadequate, the body begins to burn carbohydrates that produce burning calories with less oxygen. This calorie-burning process will produce a byproduct called lactic acid.

Lactic acid causes muscle fatigue and should be eliminated over a period of rest before the next physical exercise. Examples of anaerobic exercise include weight training, jump, sprint, javelin, long jump, high jump, shot put, hammer throw, push-ups and pull-ups.

Exercises that require oxygen to produce energy producing lactic acid which causes muscle fatigue. Evidence shows that doing anaerobic exercise three to four times a week have great benefits for the body.

Anaerobic training Type

There are three types of anaerobic exercise is isotonic, isometric, and exercise Calisthenic.

Isotonic allows a range of motion exercises muscles of the body. Examples of these exercises include weight training with dumbbells or a spring board. Anaerobic exercises make muscles contract and work actively and can be targeted to train specific muscles such as the biceps muscle. The uniqueness of isotonic anaerobic training is the change in muscle size but with the muscle mass is relatively constant. For example, when you lift weights, changes the size of the muscle but the muscle mass remains unchanged alias.

In isometric exercise, the offender is in a stationary position. In this type of exercise calisthenic body acts as a resistance force. For example, push-ups and sit-ups are examples of where your body weight acts as a resistive force.

Anaerobic training Benefits

There are many benefits of anaerobic exercise. The following are among them:

  1. Speed ​​up your metabolism

A slow metabolism is a reason behind the lack of energy as well as a person’s level of activity. The food is not digested properly will cause a variety of health problems such as indigestion, constipation and weakness. If the body has a good metabolism, then the overall health will change for the better anyway.

  1. Strengthen bones

Anaerobic exercise has the benefit of improving bone density and to strengthen it.

  1. Increase vitality and energy

Anaerobic Exercise improves blood circulation in the body. Blood circulation more smoothly will ensure all the organs get sufficient supply of oxygen to increase vitality.

  1. Build muscle and body look more charming

In addition to healthy, toned muscles are trained and certainly unsightly. This will improve the physical appearance and increase self-confidence.

  1. Reduce blood sugar level

Sugar or glycogen excess can be harmful. If not controlled, the sugar can trigger diseases such as diabetes. Doing anaerobic exercise regularly will ensure your blood sugar is burned by the body to the level of healthy.

  1. Increase stamina

A sports player, it can be basketball, tennis, football or often have to face the match with high intensity that depletes stamina.