Carbo Load Advanced Nutrients: Choosing Food

Are you including an athlete who often competes or prepares for a new entry into the world of athletes? Surely you must know the term carbo load. It may be said that the carbo loads a diet to increase energy reserves to a certain extent, carried by many athletes. Well, energy is then expected to help the athlete during a match. That is, by doing carbo load, the athletes can maximize energy with just a little fatigue. However, carbo load advanced nutrients may not be necessary for athletes competing in a short time such as rowing, weightlifting or sprinting.

carbo load advanced nutrient

Although diet does not mean you do not need any carbo load advanced nutrients. You still need a standard or advanced nutrients. Below we tell you how to get the nutrients advanced to carbo load. Happy reading.

During doing endurance activity that involves the body, the body uses muscle glycogen, rather than blood glucose, triglycerides and free fatty acids from adipose tissue to provide ATP for materials fire. Relative ratio substrate that is used depends on the exercise. They are not properly trained, will be able to save a little sake only glycogen, but high in fat. Fats are going through very difficult process immediately burned for energy. So much depends on the immediate power glycogen stores in the muscle.

Fuel for activity during the marathon, sports-sports that require endurance such as tennis, soccer balls and so are carbohydrates. In body building, too, carb loading is done so that the full visible muscle during the match.

Therefore, since doing carbo load is not trivial. You need carbo load advanced nutrients. Whether it’s a standard and advanced nutrition. Here are carbo load advanced nutrients


Bread with a layer of fruit jam

1 medium-sized banana

fruit yogurt

Orange juice

Morning snack

You can eat oats mixed with honey, it is also a few ounces of Gatorade.


You can eat boiled or roasted tight-sized, milk chocolate, and nuts.

Afternoon snack

1 Piece special snack



1 piece of chicken breast that you can mix with rice, and corn salsa. In addition, you can also consume some good fish.

Celery used considering the potassium content in it that will improve ties sodium and carbohydrates in the muscles. In the same period, Day 1-4, doing high-intensity exercise to empty the glycogen stores in the muscle. When days 5-7, low intensity exercise or relax.

In this way, the more memorable as it will force the body receives excessive glycogen stores. In the mean, they are active (70kg) able to receive about 400g of glycogen, but this way, the body may be received about 500g of glycogen or more. There are cases reported, some accept that 2 times the normal state. This method may be used to use in almost all sports, including the marathon, squash, cycling, body building, weight lifting, strong man, and so on. Do not be surprised if it were nothing for carbo load advanced nutrients with rice rather than rice 5kg.