Exercise After Dinner: What’s The Makes Good?

For most people, exercising with a full stomach can cause stomach acid to rise. choking, nausea, and vomiting. However, there are some other people who can eat a lot and do not run into problems when directly exercising.

Research has shown that eating before exercise is not ideal. The best time to exercise is before eating. Nutritional intake after exercise aid recovery and minimize muscle damage. However, if your schedule requires you eat first, he was advised to wait for about one or two hours after eating to exercise. The pause gives enough time for the stomach to go back empty. It does not apply if you eat in excess.

Exercise After Dinner

If it is assumed, the dinner in question was eating rice and side dishes, then everything is not good. For practice, the body requires energy. How could you want to train with enough energy and stamina were good but did not include calories to your body first as fuel?

Exercise After Dinner

Actually, you do not need to eat before exercise, for at least 3-4 hours before your stomach is already full of highly nutritious foods. The food that we just ate only be raw materials that can not be used. Whereas for the exercise we need considerable energy that we consume foods that have been previously having undergone an absorption process which will be a source of energy. The new food we consume much less distance is very close to the time of exercise will only make us uncomfortable stomach so that it can interfere with your exercise activity.

When the body is finished using sugar as an energy body will feel fatigue. This marks the sugar levels in the body is decreased. When the body starts looking for new backup power that is fat, so the body works twice to reduce body fat. Because this does not mean you should not eat any food at all, are allowed but do 3-4 hours before exercise and make sure consume foods that are low in fat and fast food absorption by the body.

You need to consider is the type of food. You need carbohydrates for energy before exercise, but the chosen is a source of carbohydrates of slow absorption and low calorie so stamina when fitness is maintained. I recommend 1 serving of oatmeal or two pieces of bread wheat and non-fat milk (3 tablespoons) or a bowl of green beans for easy presentation. You can take it one hour before fitness.

Eat After Exercise

After fitness, you should direct it to get a quick intake of absorption that will replace your glycogen stores, so you can consume simple carbohydrates high index to maximize the role of insulin in transporting nutrients into the muscle to speed up the recovery process. The best source is dextrose contained in honey, plus enough fruit contains sugar as an apple, banana or papaya. 1 hour after that you can have dinner, where there is also a menu look like green vegetables like lettuce, spinach or kale. If you like aerobic exercise, you should drink water during exercise because these drinks will allow the cells to work more optimal as it gets oxygen supply.