Exercise Before Or After Meal?

There are coaches who encourage to fill the stomach before exercise so the body has energy and fatigue. But have you ever tried it and it makes you feel nausea or abdominal pain during practice? In order not to repeat itself, you also chose to eat after exercise, but it feels the more supple body. So which is it,? Exercise before or after a meal?

Actually, both are true, but most people choose the wrong food, portion size and do not give time for the food to digest properly. As a result, you also feel uncomfortable when exercising. To determine when the right time to exercise before or after a meal, note the following:

exercise before or after meal


It is true that eating before exercise is useful to provide energy for the body, but direct their activities right after a meal is not good. In order not to feel sick or experiencing abdominal pain during exercise, it is advisable to allow time for the body, at least 10 minutes after eating to digest food, before you start exercising. Especially when you’re going to do a sport with a lot of movement jump.

Meanwhile, eating after exercise is useful to restore energy, but it is not recommended to fill the stomach after exercise. Rather, the body breaks of at least 30 minutes after exercise before eating. It is useful to stabilize the heartbeat and blood circulation. That way, you’ll avoid feeling faint. Because, without stabilizing blood circulation after exercise, blood is more focused on the digestive system and is reduced in the brain. Therefore, immediately eat will only make you weak.

Exercise/Sports that will be done

How much we need to eat and what to eat also depends on the sport that we do. Of course, if you choose a weight training or fitness, the nutrition needs will be different when you choose a track or yoga.

  • Exercises to increase muscle: the consumption of foods rich in protein and calcium before and after exercise. Protein will help large muscle tissue faster and not prone to injury.

  • Exercise that triggers the heartbeat: the consumption of carbohydrates before exercise. In addition, multiply vegetable and protein after exercise. Carbohydrates before exercise are useful as a quick energy so as not to limp.

The food portions

The amount of food consumed before and after exercise will affect the quality of the sport. In addition to making it uncomfortable, a share that too much will reduce the circulation of blood to the brain so that it can result in you quickly as sleep. Instead, portions that are too little is not good, especially after exercise. Inadequate nutrition after exercise can inhibit the body’s healing process after exercise, so the body becomes stiffer the next day. If you are confused how many servings are ideal exercise before or after a meal, you can make an example of dividing the two portions of your lunch. Eat half before exercise and spend half after that.

Thus regarding how best to exercise before or after meals. Hope this helps you.