Rice Malt Syrup Sugar Content

Most mothers like baking any kinds of delicious cake. This fact shows that the usage of sugar is unavoidable. Sugar itself has many of its kind: palm sugar, cane sugar, honey, maple syrup, and so on. And one of the popular sugar names is rice malt syrup. It is a well-known sugar which is made of brown rice. It was made by adding the enzyme to the rice in order to break down the starches. Rice malt syrup sugar content is in the lowest number among the others. This means it is better than any other sugar types.

100 Grams Of Rice Malt Syrup Sugar Content’s Average

It is found that rice malt syrup sugar content is 47 grams of 100 grams average. According to the data, rice malt syrup has higher number compared to agave syrup in terms of energy. Yet, it contains 33 mg of sodium in every 100 grams of rice malt syrup. Because it is still defined as sugar, it contains three sugars. The first is maltotriose (52%). Based on the data, maltotriose is kind of triose (monosaccharide sugar) which contains digestive carbohydrate. It is formed by 3 glucose molecules. Literally, maltotriose is an oligosaccharide. Another sugar contained in rice malt syrup is maltose (45%). Maltose or malt sugar is the least common disaccharide formed from two units of glucose. The last is called as glucose or sugar (3%). Glucose actually comes from the food we eat. It can be in fruits, rice, bread, soda, and many more. In the morning normal glucose levels are less than 100 milligrams per deciliter. And this phenomenon is calledas the sugar level. Normal glucose levels after we eat, around 1up to 2 hours are less than 140.

Rice malt syrup sugar content does not include fructose (0%). Fructose is metabolised very differently by the body. Glucose can be metabolized by all cells in the body, while it is not the same as fructose. Fructose can only be metabolized in significant amounts by our liver. When we consume it in large amounts, it will be processed by the liver which becomes overwhelmed. The latercauseis the pancreas creates insulin and store the sugar as fat.In the fact of fructose is actually a dangerous for human’s liver, there is no reason to avoid and prevent it. Fructose, in average consumption, is as important as other substances for our body. And by having zero amount of fructose, rice malt sugar might be the choice to substitute cane sugar.

Although rice malt syrup sugar content has the lowest number of all other kinds of sugar, it is found that rice malt syrup has a very high glycaemic index. Glycaemic indexisa carbohydrate ranking in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels. According to the data the maximum amounts of glycaemic index is 100. It gives us into a conclusion that rice malt syrup goes quickly into our small intestine where the enzymes, which exists in our digestion, split it out into wholeunits of glucose. And surely it will affect the blood glucose levels to increase.