The Definition Of Sugar Free Malt Balls

Sugar free malt sounds as a rare term. Not many people understand what sugar free malt balls actually is. Before seeing the real package of sugar free malt balls, people only know that it is a kind of food which contain less sugar as one of its ingredients. But if people already see the product package of course they will know that it is a common snack commonly found in supermarket or grocery. Sugar free malt balls have a round shape and soft texture. The taste is really tasty. Even though the name is “sugar free” that represent there is no sweet taste on it but in reality, the taste of sugar free malt balls still gives a sweet taste with the less sweet taste if compared to the other snack or food product.

Sugar Free Malt Balls For Kids

Referring to its name, there should be less percentage of sugar content. One of its variants is sugar free chocolate malt balls. In this variant, the chocolate has a round shape which is covered by the small amount of sugar or sometimes there is no sugar on it. Kids usually really like this sugar free malt balls. Parents do not need to worry to let their kids consume this snack because it has less sugar taste. This less sugar content will not give bad effect for kid’s teeth. Besides that, sugar free malt balls also contain many essential contents including calories, protein, total carbs, sodium, sugar, dietary fiber, potassium, fat which is including saturated, trans, monounsaturated, polysaturated, and saturated. Another that, sugar free malt balls also provide some essential vitamin such as vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium.

If parents still worry to let their kids eat snack produced from product industry such as sugar free malt balls so they can make their own sugar free malt balls or sugar free chocolate malt balls. To make your own sugar free malt balls you have to prepare the ingredient first and find the steps. The ingredients are easy to find in the department store or grocery. Here are the ingredients that you will need to make sugar free malt balls. You need to preparing flavor, coconut oil, malt syrup, milk powder, malt milk powder, corn syrup, maltitol chocolate including of cocoa butter, vanillin, nonfat milk, emulsifier, maltitol, milk powder, and chocolate liquor.

If all the ingredients are ready then you can start the process to make this snack. You can find the complete steps by viewing the video or find the steps through book recipe or internet. You can also replace chocolate by other material in order to reduce your kid consumption of chocolate. As we know that chocolate is stated as one of product that is not healthy enough if consume by the kids. Actually, it does not matter with the use of chocolate in sugar free malt balls as one of its ingredients because the chocolate is only used as a cover and to make it tasty. Sugar free malt balls can be consumed by all age and not only kid.