The Explanation Of What Is Malt Sugar Made Of

People usually only know malt sugar is the material that consists of some food or drink product. Thinking about what is malt sugar made of is not really important for some people. Some people only focusing on malt sugar product. But for some people, it is quite helpful to know what malt sugar is made of more over for them who is care enough to their health. This type of people will have more consideration to decide the food that they will consume. Here are some facts that can be used to considering why people should consume malt sugar without worrying about the bad effect that might happen.

What Is Malt Sugar Made Of And Its Facts

Malt sugar or also known as maltose is one of sugar substitutes as a sweetener. It is replaced the regular sugar as a sweetener. Malt sugar has molecular formulas C12H22O11H20. What is malt sugar made of? malt sugar is produced through the malting process. In the malting process, the grains that used to produce malt sugar is wheat, rice, or barley is malted. Even though malt sugar can be made from rice and wheat but the main grains that often used is barley. Rice and wheat still use because of it high content of enzyme. Based on Brewer, malt has two categories including base malts and specialty malts.

The grains is dried with hot air through malting process. Malt sugar made of the grains that have been malted successfully develop enzymes. This enzyme is used to modify the starch to produce many types of sugar. The types of sugar produced through this process including of glucose, monosaccharide, disaccharide maltose, maltodextrines, and trisaccharide maltose. Malt sugar is mainly used in the production of brewing. But malt sugar also can be found in much other food products or baking product. In food product, malt sugar is used as a sweetener. Actually, malt sugar does not have a high percentage of sweet taste. Malt sugar has low calorie so if compare to white regular sugar, it is only 1/3 sweet as white regular sugar. This low calorie content can give benefit to people who consume it. The consumer that will get the most advantages from malt sugar is they who suffer diabetes.

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All the product that contain malt sugar usually become the favorite product for them who is in the diet process. Malt sugar can be good if consumed by people who have a diet. Knowing what is malt sugar made of is surprisingly reveal the fact that the consumption of malt sugar in over quantities will increase the possibility of getting obesity. It is totally different with the common people’s stereotypes. Many people think that the more they consume malt sugar, the more they will lose weight. The product consist of malt sugar may be sell in form of colored syrup or powder. This product can easily get in the supermarket or local groceries. This product also sells through the online supplier. If you are going to cook malt sugar by yourself, it is suggested to use a metal spoon to stir the mixture. Metal spoon has stronger material to stir it periodically.