What Is Sugar Free Malt Powder

Based on its name, sugar free malt powder can be assumed as one of product with less sugar content and it will effect to its taste. While malt powder usually also called as malt flour. Malt powder commonly available as the mixture in drink product. Malt powder is made from barley as its main ingredient. The other ingredient of malt powder is milk, wheat, and few salt. Because milk is also one of malt powder ingredient so sometimes sugar free malt powder called as malted milk powder. But people do not to be confused if they found the term of sugar free malt powder and malted milk powder because of it just different in the term.

Define Malt Powder And Sugar Free Malt Powder

Malt powder or malt flour is produced through baked production and this process give a sweet natural taste of it. Sugar free malt powder is sold widely in supermarket or groceries store. Malt powder has smooth texture or if it is difficult for you to get the representation of it so we can take an example. The texture is more likely as a coffee powder. Malt powder can be used as the only ingredients to make ice cream combination, milk shakes, milk and malt powder. The flour may have a bitter taste but usually, this taste will not be felt if mix with the other ingredients.

Sugar free malt powder has two types. The first is diastatic malt powder which can develop the enzyme to digest the starch and change it to be sugar. Diastatic malt powder will produce sweeter taste and smooth texture. The other types of sugar free malt powder are non diastatic malt. This types does not have enzymes but still can produce a good result of flavor and texture. Non diastatic malt easier to find than diastatic. This is usually used as one of sugar substitute. If we talk about malt powder, not sugar free malt powder we will find the fact stated that malt powder does not have much nutrition content. In one and a half teaspoon of malt powder or around 4 grams only consist of 15 calories.

The calories content of malt powder is almost the same with the calories consist of sugar. In one teaspoon of sugar, it consists of 16 calories. 15 calories mean that this product has low fat or free of fat that is consist of 1g Saturated fat, 3g glucose, 2mg cholesterol, 0mg potassium, 1g protein, 680mg sodium, 5g carbohydrates, and 1g fiber. The other fact is malt powder does not have rich vitamins. It only consists of 10mg calcium, 0% of vitamin a, vitamin c and iron. Sugar free malt powder is made by reducing the percentage of sugar. The taste will dominantly not too sweet. One of the drink product of sugar free malt powder is Ovaltine. Sugar free malt powder can be made by adding hot water to it. Usually, this product can be consumed by a specific age. In the package will state clearly the limitation of age that can consume this product.